How To Fix Outlook Trusted Platform Module Malfunction Error

Outlook may suddenly lose the ability to authenticate to Office 365 if Trusted Platform Module is corrupted in some way.

The error will display “Need Password” in the bottom right.  However, clicking on it only brings up an error that the Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned.

Solutions online suggest removing keys critical to keeping modern authentication working – not a good solution or outright deleting TPM from device manager.  Here is the proper way to fix this error:

  1.  Click Start button.
  2.  In start menu, type ‘credential’ to retrieve ‘Credential Manager’ and launch it.
  3.  Remove all Office related entries, emphasis on anything with ADAL (Outlook modern authentication)
  4.  Exit and relaunch Outlook.
  5.  In Outlook, click File >> Office Account.
  6.  Outlook should now indicate problem with account with a “Fix Me” button.
  7.  Click “Fix Me” and re-authenticate.
  8.  Outlook should accept your password and will begin syncing again.