The Ultimate Retro Gaming Setup (For Mac)

Imagine having access to virtually ever console, up to the early 2000s, without installing a mess of apps, plugins, drivers, no tedious configuring and all without taking up hard drive space.  It’s entirely possible, and here’s how.


  • Mac
  • Google Drive (preferably an unlimited account)
  • Google Drive File Stream (not the backup & sync client)
    — Stream is it’s own storage, like an always on USB drive.  File stream keeps data online only thus saving precious space on your mac.  The sync client can be used if wanting to play offline but comes at the cost of storage.


Google Drive Setup

  1. Install Google Drive File Stream.
  2. Once installed, open finder.  Under locations, navigate to Google Drive > My Drive.
  3. Create a folder titled “ROMS.”
  4. Within ROMS folder, create new folders titled by console name.  (e.g. Arcade, NES, SNES, etc)
OpenEmu Setup
  1. Go to and download Experimental version.
    The experimental version has additional “cores” (game systems) not found in the standard release.
  2. From menu bar, click OpenEmu >> Preferences.
  3. On the library tab, under Game Library Folder Location, click change.
  4. Browse to Google Drive > My Drive > ROMS and click “open.”
    • By setting game library to your google drive, imported games will remain on the drive.
  5. Uncheck “Copy files to Game Library folder when adding to library.”
    • This setting ensures imported games will not duplicate files.
  6. After setting library, click “Cores.”
  7. Install all available cores.
    • If MAME is not an available core, double check you’ve installed the Experimental version of OpenEmu.
saving games
  1.  Save ZIP files of games into their respective folders on your Google Drive.
  2. Once you save a zip, drag and drop unto OpenEmu.  Alternatively, you can save as many games as you want then drag the entire folder into OpenEmu.  The application will automatically categorize them, download artwork, and self maintain.
  3. BIOS files (i.e. files critical to playing games) are required for Arcade and disc-based console like the PS1.  These too need to be dragged into OpenEmu else an error will appear citing missing BIOS files.
getting games

Arcade/MAME  (MAME roms version 0.219 required, found here)
If a game errors a missing file, such as BIOS file, simply CTRL-F for the file and drag into OpenEmu


Gameboy Advance

Game Gear




Sega Genesis

Playstation Portable

Playstation  (BIOS Pack)